Kiano Cimelli

Kiano is a personal trainer at Hills Physical Developments, working with a selection of clients with varying needs and levels of physicality. This work includes strength and conditioning training for Luton Rugby Club and one on one specialist and tailored programmes for individual clients.


In addition to these established skills, Kiano also specialises in assisting clients in achieving weight loss goals and improving mobility.


Collaboration is key for Kiano and through working closely with you he will identify barriers that may be holding you back and work with you to break them down to help you on your journey to fitness.  It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced, motivated fitness fan who wants some extra guidance or if you are taking your first steps towards wellness, he is the man to help you get there.


Kiano is determined to make you feel comfortable and is very happy to discuss your ambitions in confidence. So if you would like to discuss your needs before starting your training, please give him a call or email him to book a free initial consultation, with no obligation.

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