Scott Hills MSc PES HFS AAI

Scott Hills (known as Scotty to his friends and clients) is a Managing Partner at Hills Physical Developments (HPD) with two sites (one in Markyate, Herts and one within Luton Rugby Club, Beds), but also works across all areas in Herts, Beds and Bucks. 

Scott is absolutely passionate about his business and the people it brings him into contact with.  As Head of Exercise at HPD, his clients are his driving force and his expertise continues to see clients surpass their own goals and expectations. Scott’s clients are incredibly varied, including those striving to achieve their fitness goals through to rehabilitation work for those who need it most.


Scotty also believes in people development and is mentor and coach for his team of exercise practitioners and their own clients at HPD. Scott realises the value, the unique contributions a varied team can bring to the business and thrives on the diversity of his HPD team.


Scott has over a decade worth of experience in many aspects of human performance and rehabilitation. On performance, Scott holds a Master of Science degree in Strength and Conditioning, as well as the Performance Enhancement Specialist qualification issued by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  As a direct result of his academic studies and broad knowledge base, he has, and continues to work with a variety of elite athletes, including professional rugby players, boxers, fencers and football teams.


On rehabilitation, Scott holds a number of qualifications, most notably the Health Fitness Specialist issued by the American College of Sports Medicine, and the ARNI Functional Rehabilitation & Exercise Training after Stroke (FRETS) Qualification. Since gaining the ARNI FRETS Qualification he has risen to the rank of Senior Instructor for the Institute, meaning Scott is involved in the teaching and assessing of new cohorts who want to be Associates of the ARNI Institute. He is also a Support Lecturer for the London Sport Institute at Middlesex University.


Aside from his career, Scott has always been a keen sportsman. In his younger days he was on the books at both Northampton Saints and Bedford Blues Rugby Clubs. Most recently, he found a home more locally at Luton Rugby Club that he still tries his best to support at the weekend.

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