Skype/FaceTime Appointments

We are now able to offer online physiotherapy. If you are self isolating, or simply do not have the time to attend face to face appointments then an online physiotherapy consultation could help.


Majority of musculoskeletal Injuries are suitable for an online physiotherapy consultation. However if we determine that your injury is not suitable for an online consultation then we will try and refer you onwards and will of course refund the cost of the consultation. If you are unsure whether your injury is suitable for a consultation or not, send us an email at or call us on 07502 373 236 and one of us will be in touch to let you know. 

How is it possible to diagnose my injury this way?


Like traditional face to face appointments we always start with a subjective assessment where we will ask questions to gather more information about the injury, such as when did it start? how did it happen? This is all done without touching you. By the end of the subjective assessment we would have formed a clear idea of the probable diagnosis. From this the physiotherapist will observe you performing certain movements via Skype or FaceTime to gain even more information about the injury and gain visual information. 


What treatment techniques/resources are available to me? 


"Knowledge is power" and this is certainly true for those suffering with musculoskeletal issues. Our job is to educate you about your injury, thus giving you ways to self manage. This can be done via several ways including exercise plans emailed to you (no stick men we promise!), videos demonstrating certain exercises and good old education and advice. 


How much is this going to cost me? 


An initial assessment lasting 45 minutes costs £40. This includes a video consultation, diagnosis, treatment plan and regular contact via WhatsApp, email or text responding to queries and checking you are getting on ok. 


Follow up appointments are 30 minutes costing £30 and include a review, updates to any existing treatment plans and again contact via Whatsap, email or text. 


How do I get started? 


Drop us an email at or leave us a message on 07502 373 236 and someone will be in touch within 24 hours. 







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